Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Traits of an Arrogant Person (Female)

An arrogant person lives in the world of her own, is a narcissist, is Queen Elizabeth in her version of the world, could be identified with shitty make-up, overtly attitude and who would base good v/s bad debate on looks than on morals.

Her opinion on conduct of general janta would lie in bowing before her, writing songs in her praises, dismissing any lame and stupid remark from her side, and paying full heed to the lamest of stories with same people featuring in them- the boys she is obsessing over.

If you transgress her rules of obedience and walk with your head high, without hesitation and minding your own business, not caring about the queen’s existence, you definitely would be glared at in the fiercest of looks a cat could give.

Mood-swings are a common hindrance to her otherwise arrogant disposition. Be on the alert for days when she is super-excited and hyper-active to talk to every person in the room, except you; in a voice suiting that to a lion roar. Attention by boys, any and every boy, would be needed to keep her happy. For example, there are five dudes listening to her incessant childish rants, and one boy talking to another girl some ten meters away, then that one boy’s absent attention would kill her. Totally.

These moments are worth it. When you sit on the dining table and three arrogant fools are talking about Tom, Dick and Harry (never Rita, Sita and Geeta) and you strike a conversation in a normal human-voice with another person on the table, you are glared at with an indignation that even Queen Elizabeth wouldn’t care to bestow on her courtiers at their not fulfilling their rituals of poetry-writing in her praise. These moments of realisation of your importance to the people you care about the least would make your day.

If you don’t want to arise the fiery looks, continue giving her airs, pass her in the corridors and let her glare at you for no reason, and listen to her loud stupid talks involving just anybody with silence, even though she is not talking to you (she is supposedly talking to every person in the 100 meter range-that’s how far you could hear the noise of blah-blah-blah)

An arrogant female would be shaken from her roots at one little glare at her by you; and she would stoop down to back-bitching, abusing, and talking rubbish about you.
In the end, I would just say, according to her, she rules the world. Praise her. Be awed by her.

I thank several girls from my college who were an inspiration for writing this piece. It is an amalgamation of their identities which form my opinion of an arrogant person. If more than three traits seem to be present in one individual, be sure that you are looking at a person who needs to be slapped tight on the face once (Ah! When would the day come!)

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