Saturday, 1 February 2014

Be Creative & Unwind!

A home is a place where one rests after a hard day’s work, or after a day full of studies! It should be a place to lay back, cool off, think, and also a place to motivate you and keep you lively. Who doesn’t like to show a guest one's house expecting to hear compliments?

A beautiful home for me is a combination of perfect wall paint, great furnishing, attractive wall accessories, and colour contrasts. A little bit of fun with colours and tits and bits in my room and home gives me that creative energy I sometimes require and makes it a place that is ‘me'.

Drawing Room

 For the drawing room, choose any modern texture from a variety of signature walls available at Asian Paints Home Solutions.

To give your drawing room a seasoned look, paste fall leaves made of wax colour and ironed out later, on the glass window. It will give your room a fresh and spacious look. Idea totally taken from here.

Living Room
Use of theme walls for the living room wall painting is a great idea. Use cool, festive, cheerful or cosy among the many options provided by Asian Paints.

The big plain wall in your living room need not be a plain space to look at while you are thinking of what to talk about with your guests. Make it interesting and get little birds painted over it with a contrasting colour, as in Wake Up Sid movie. A really cute accessory is a Butterfly Wall Décor by Walter.

Study Room cum Bed Room
One wall of your personal room should have wallpaper with vertical stripes in two contrasting colours, like black and white, or yellow and orange, or purple and white.

The striped wallpaper will attract attention and should be the main pointing space in your room, next to which, TV or a study table is to be kept. It gives the room a wholesome and cosy look.

Another thing that your room necessarily needs is a stylish chair or stool kept somewhere at a spacious corner. My favourite style in chairs right now is the hanging type. Even the green one that Penny (from The Big Bang Theory) has in her bedroom is a total pick.

Your personal room in the house should feel like you. For me, I prefer bright hues and small and big accessories.

Paper lanterns are cool and in these days. White coloured ones are good if you are not a fan of coloured or dim lights. Placing them right over the head of your bed or even above the night lamp is sure to give your room that cosy feel at night, with the rest of the lights off. They are great to look at, even if you don’t light up the bulb inside them.  A pair of two or three lanterns looks perfect.

For the Balcony…

Tin Can Luminaries

A great DIY craft for your home is tin can luminaries used as garden lanterns for those late evenings when you want to sit in the balcony with the fresh aroma of wet sand from the potted plants surrounding you, while listening to soothing songs. These make a cozy little corner for you to relax; and for your pet to shelter near the warm nook.

For a storeroom …
Even a place to keep a suitcase and rarely ridden bicycle can be beautifully kept. Paint one dark solid colour on all the walls. Keep it clean and decorate it with little white light bulbs and a small stool in the corner.

Winter décor

Through a Passage…
A little passage leading to the kitchen or a storeroom gives you a chance to showcase your personal fun-filled lives in a creative manner.
Photographs are the most common of ways to make our place homely. But you can go off-beat in the way you decide to put them up. My latest favourite way to show off holiday pictures is hanging them in line. I make sure they have bold, double border for that sturdy look.

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Small things that matter a lot!
From little things like wood finishing, and metal finishing to things we almost forget to take care of, like waterproofing, Asian Paints is your solace. Choose from a variety of options from shiny glossy look, or soft sheen look for your metal surfaces; to opaque or clear or water-based finishing for your wooden furniture- interior, exterior and Italian. How is the wood in your house furnished and finished makes a huge impact. Get the experts from Asian Paints furnish wood aesthetically in your doors, kitchen cabinets and wooden staircase.

Their website is easy to navigate and up-to-date. With budget calculator, project planner, paint selector, home painting guide, Asian Paints prove that they have the best service in-person or otherwise.

So chillax in your beautiful and cosy home!

This is an entry for a contest by Asian Paints and Ripple Links. 

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  1. What I found really innovative and inspiring in your post? This - "A little passage leading to the kitchen or a storeroom gives you a chance to showcase your personal fun-filled lives in a creative manner."
    So true! Must explore this tip :)
    ATB for the contest:)