Friday, 2 January 2015

Cinema Paradise(1988) will make you nostalgic

The Italian movie Cinema Paradise (1988) written and directed by Guiseppe Tornatore is about childhood reminiscence and a man's efforts of trying to come to terms with the passing time, passing people, and good, lively days when he fell in love with the movies. 

It has nice countryside Giancaldo shown with people going on about their daily chores, living a slow, peaceful life; the dark, rainy nights on the roads of a small town reminded me of Midnight in Paris, and sometimes even Sawariya

Alfredo, the village theatre's projectionist, beautifully played by Phillipe Noiret and Toto(child version), played by Salvatore Cascio has a mentor-student kinda relationship. After the news of Alfredo's passing away, the movie is in flashback, and you get a feeling that sometimes there is nothing but nostalgia- nostalgia and remembrance of the past, of people in your past, of the place of your birth where you haven't been to since years, of the simpler and purer times, of the presence of a soul (mentor) that would always protect you. 

It's a beautiful movie, with which you could relate to if you ever felt the urge to go back in time and revisit the lively, easier world of childhood. The movie has a human touch, for sure. It also seamlessly includes the history of World War2 and the many deaths that it took. 

The background music needs special mention, which made the movie right on spot with generating tension, suspense, or a tug on your heart strings.

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