Saturday, 3 January 2015

Here's why there's no hope for most new year resolutions

New years have the ability to bring out the most affirming, positive, and miracle-believing people in all of us.

It is the time when humans search for the untapped potential within themselves and resolve to expand their horizons and abilities to the maximum. A new year gives that sparking  hope of being a new person, shedding the negatives and taking the world in their strides. This time people believe that they can be what they have never been. The sunny world awaits. It awaits.

When asked, people generally plan their resolves by the Christmas time. The life-affirming humans wait for the new calendar year to put them to practice.

And this time and this hope wades off after a while, and comes back only after 12 months! What a relief, giving them a reason to wait another long time before resuming their barely started goals of the current year! 

If new year came frequently, it wouldn't be welcomed with such gusto amd to-do lists. People don't start anew every new day, or new week or even new month. Is it a wonder why? Fooling ourselves, wading for some time to be a better person. 

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