Friday, 13 February 2015

How youtube sucks the day out of you- More videos to kill your time

It is 8pm and before you know it is one in the morning, and none of the work in the to-do list for the day is done. The History list of your youtube account has increased.
Sometimes we look for just that one video which would lead us to many other, killing hours. Here are some 10 videos to get you started.  
1.       Ellen’s Monologues from her chat show The Ellen Degenres Show.
They are quick within-5 minute, quirky, sarcastic and funny monologues on day-to day things. Good for a break in-between your work.
2.       Chat show appearances one after another of some of my favourite TV celebs. Jimmy Kimmel’s channel is the one I like best. One of Sophia Bush’s many interviews on Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show, Jennifer and Lisa Kudrow with Jimmy Kimmel’s in a cursing match.
3.       Ted Talk’s on any topic you are interested in.
 Watch Amy Cuddy’s talk on how body language shapes who you are.
One of the finest talks on feminism by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
4.       BuzzFeed knows how to keep you on loop. Coming back for more. Insta v/s real life
5.       Random movie trailers. And once you hit the right one, quick google search “ < movie name > vodlocker” and 2 hours gone! Puff
One of my favourite chickflicks What’s Your Number trailer.
6.       Something new you keen on learning. Photography basics, creative writing process.
7.       Ellen, the sitcom (not to be confused with the chat show). Full episodes available.  And if it’s not, head here. OneTree Hill, first 6 seasons are engaging.

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