Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Intern fails on its 'experience never gets old' tagline

My rating: 5 of 10 stars

The movie, with "Experience never gets old" plastered in huge bold capital letters on the posters - forgets the story line some 10 minutes into the movie.

A 70-year old man, played by Robert De Niro bored of retirement, applies for an internship programme to have more and something new to do in life. And thus he enters into the life of some 200 20- something employees and their female boss, played by Anne Hathaway, at an e-commerce fashion company.

There, he supports his 28-year old female boss tackle professional, social, and personal problems that come with cracking the glass-ceiling, becomes a personal driver to the boss, and acts as an agony- uncle to young co-workers.

Hathaway's character Jules is the main story - and how Ben's years of life and business experience is exactly what she needs to tackle her problems. He helps and helps, and gives away half a dozen of handkerchiefs to crying ladies in the film which tried to be feminist.

Ben came across as being used by the younger generation in the movie. Though he applied for the internship voluntarily, he ended up doing more work than the paid employees around - - thanks to his years of business knowledge, and his nature of wanting to be of use (he cleaned a messy table - without being asked - playing the typical role of an unpaid intern in real life!) He also becomes a personal beck-and-call person to Jules. At the end of the film, he takes a day off to get back to a yoga session with his retired mates who are previously shown very early in the film when he is planning to do something more interesting! Clearly, the internship has nothing much to give to him in return, except, of course, a female masseuse as a friend.

If you went to watch the film to see it make some kind of statement on life and motivation, if one is ever too old to work, and whether there is a limit to learning, you will find none of this here. Essentially, the movie remains a misplaced, mis- promoted film.

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